About us

The Resolving Pharma project

For decades, the efficiency of the pharmaceutical R&D has been steadily decreasing. One of the ways to improve and make the development of new therapeutics more efficient is the better use of technology. The objective of Resolving Pharma is therefore to take part, on its own scale, in the great challenge of the pharmaceutical R&D productivity through information and entrepreneurial exploration of technologies that will probably change the health of our children.

For more information about the motivations behind the Resolving Pharma project, please refer to our introductory article : The Eroom’s Law, the pharmaceutical industry of tomorrow and Resolving Pharma

The team

Alexandre Demailly, PharmD, MSc

Pharmacist graduated from Lille University, France, Alexandre pursued his studies in Medical Economics at the Paris-Dauphine University and developed his knowledge of Artificial Intelligence in Health at the University of Paris.

Passionate about health innovation and entrepreneurship, Alexandre is currently involved in two early stage biotechs in the neurodegenerative diseases field.

Quentin Vicentini, PharmD, MSc, PhD Student

Quentin graduated from Pharmacy School in Lille – France. After various Research experiences in Medicinal Chemistry, he pursued his career abroad and settled in Oxford in 2019. His interest in innovation pushed him to learn more about Machine Learning in Drug Discovery. Today, Quentin is specializing in oligonucleotide chemistry, for therapeutics and diagnostics, through a science thesis at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

Mathieu Tiret, PhD, MSc

Researcher at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) in the department of Evolutionary Biology, specialized in genomic data analysis. Mathieu was trained at AgroParisTech school, and pursued a PhD at INRA in Jouy-en-Josas (in population genetics). Mathieu also worked as an external consultant for Primeview, a company specialized in financial price analysis.